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say something anywhere.
be heard everywhere.

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Tap to speak to the world. Get notified the instant someone responds.


Enjoy conversation with people from around the world or around the block.

Talk + Listen

Talk and listen in real-time or browse + listen to past broadcasts.


Conversation the way it was meant to be:
in your own voice.
Speech-to-text lets you read along as you listen.

perspective phone

What they're saying


How does it work?

Press the play button to listen to recent broadcasts. Tap the record button, talk, and click the Save button to transmit your own broadcasts.

Is it free?


Can I limit what I'm hearing?

Yes. You can listen to sounds worldwide, within a selected range, and you can mute those you don't want to hear.

Is there an Android version?

It's almost ready! We are in the final beta-testing stages of testing. Android users rejoice!

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iPhone and iPad

CBGeo is free.
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Coming Q1 2021 for Android.

*Works on iOS 13+